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Solvang, California & Surrounding Areas

Bruce Griffin has been offering horse clinics for over a decade. While he’s based in Solvang, California and offers regular horse clinics there, he’s available for horse clinics all throughout California and the surrounding states. He’s well known in the area for his skill in helping people work on problems they have with their horses. People often come to Bruce’s horse clinics to prevent bucking, jumping, running off, getting on and off without the horse moving, and biting.

Horse clinics typically last 3 1/2 hours with a small group of 6-10 people attending. Participants bring their own horse.

Bruce Griffin teaching a young woman to ride her horse

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Sign up for a regularly scheduled horse clinic in Solvang, California or hire Bruce for a private horse clinic anywhere in California or surrounding states like Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah.

Bruce Griffin

Horse Handler

Bruce Griffin Horse Handler

Handling intelligent creatures and companions with patience, compassion, and care is the signature experience enjoyed by all who have had the pleasure of training with Bruce Griffin Equine.

With over 40 years in the field, Bruce Griffin remains current while retaining time tested techniques learned and mastered over the years. His approach is genuinely as soft as his voice which belies a firm expectation that the partnership between horse and owner depends on respect and cooperation with a seamless integration which leaves both parties willing to engage in the shared experience with full trust and focus.

Become a Better Rider

Teaching basic riding skills

Helping Horse & Rider Work Together


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Horse Clinics Hosted In

Solvang, California

*Bruce Griffin’s horse clinics are also offered in California and surrounding states by reservation.

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